New Sissies (Suggestions & Guidance)

For New Sissies

Beginning feminization can be overwhelming for new sissies. There’s a lot out there and it can be hard for a submissive panty boy to navigate, to know what to do first. What is the first step that you should take? What’s the best form of training for you?

You’ve found a Mistress who knows exactly what she wants and is just dying to lead you around by the nose–or anything else that’s hard and sticks out a bit. I’m going to talk you through different ways that we can play and give suggestions for dipping your soon-to-be-painted toes into the tantalizing world of panty training, stockings, spanking, orgasm control, panty worship, high heels, and so much more!

Step 1: Get to Know Me

New sissies sometimes project. Before you hand me the keys to your chastity device, familiarize yourself with my style. Check out my Clips4Sale to see what my domination style is like and what my interests and limitations are. Read through the descriptions and watch some previews. If you find yourself intrigued, buy one and watch it through. Many of my videos are training assignments, but there are some POV fantasy scenarios and even some that feature my real life panty boy, Sam Solo. He worked very hard to be where he is today!

See way too many things that you like? Join my membership site and get a sampling of everything, as well as downloadable MP3, pics, and access to my blogs and vlogs. Keep in mind that my membership site features both sissification and ABDL content, though you can certainly only experience the sissification media if you choose.

New Sissies


Step 2: Sissy Questionnaire

Now that you know who I am, know who you are. Here’s a questionnaire for you to fill out which will help you communicate with me better. Many new sissies feel that expressing any preference is a sign of dominance. It isn’t–especially if I ask you to. While you should of course make a point of being polite and deferential to me when making requests, not all sissies are alike. You are unique–and I won’t be able to truly control you until you confess all your little kinks and peccadilloes.

  1. Have you chosen a sissy/feminine name for yourself yet? If yes, why did you choose that name? If not, what are some examples of sissy names that you have liked? What did you like about them?
  2. What are some meaningful memories of times that you encountered sissification and found it to be titillating? Try to analyze your reaction.
  3. Have you ever encountered sissification and found it to be a turn off? Why?
  4. List five of your favorite sissification acts. (Being forced to wear panties, being caught dressing as a girl, being turned into an escort, etc.)
  5. What types of panties do you like?
  6. Ideally, who would control your orgasms and how?
  7. How often do you engage in sissy training? How often would you like to?
  8. What obstacles do you face in regards to sissy training? (Significant other, work, roommates, internalized shame, etc.) What are you going to do to overcome or avoid those obstacles?

Step 3: Make a Connection

Like what you see, little sissy? After watching a few videos, think about getting a custom video made. The most efficient way to get a custom video is to visit my Customs4U profile and use their system. If you’re looking to submit to me in real time, you can see me via Skype or book me for a live session. Note that live sessions are offered in the San Francisco Bay Area, usually my Oakland play space. (In order for me to travel to you, all my expenses must be paid and I must be booked for a minimum of four hours.)