Sissy Training with Mistress Penny BarberSissy Training

You’re in need of sissy training from a strict-yet-understanding, feminine Mistress. I know that you love it when I pick out panties for you to wear. You love it when I make you wear makeup when you go out. You love it when I control and feminize your little cock. And, what’s more important, I know why you love it, because I love it, too. You look so helpless and slutty down on the floor, begging for release, anxious to do anything to prove to me that you’re my panty-loving sissy slave.

Not every sissy, panty fetishist, or slut can be feminized in the same way. Maybe you have a really busy life and can only submit to training in the form of custom-made videos. Maybe you 100% need to submit to your Mistress in person. I graciously offer the sissy training you so desperately want, whether you need to be seduced or forced into feminization. In return I expect you to tribute, obey, and submit enthusiastically and completely.

Be My Sissy Slut

If you’re a seasoned submissive, I invite you to slip into your panties and jump right in. I expect you to know how you are best able to submit to me. Are you into forced feminization? Financial domination? Orgasm control? Chastity? Panty training? Humiliation? Spanking? Sissy maid training? Anal training? Remember: you don’t get to keep secrets from ME, little sissy! I expect you to confess whatever embarrassing, girly thing you’re into. Submit your application to be my collared sissy for 6 months, book me for a live session, or inquire about a cam show.

If you’re new to serving dominant women, I’ve written out special instructions just for you. Be sure to follow them exactly. The key to successful sissification is following one rule: FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. No excuses, no failure, no half-hearted attempts. If you simply do as I tell you, you will become the sissy that you’ve always wanted to be!

I look forward to seeing you come in your panties–assuming that I don’t lock you in chastity first!

Mistress Penny Barber